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Increasing Ad Conversion with Alliteration

Ad copy is a powerful tool for marketers, but it needs to be crafted carefully to stand out and grab the attention of online visitors. Ad copy and creative should “pop off the page” with the intent of grabbing the attention of the audience, distracting them from their current online journey. To successfully distract them towards your online funnel, one strategy is to put “Pop In The Pitch”. No that does not mean putting soda on the soccer field. That means getting creative with your creative and colorful with your content. One tactic is the use of alliteration – using words that begin with the same sound or letter – so that readers can quickly digest what’s being presented. With well-crafted ad copy, you can reach your target audience and make sure they understand your message within seconds.


Alliteration helps create a sense of rhythm and flow in a phrase, making it easier to remember and more likely to be recalled by readers. Ad copy using alliterative phrases can also add a touch of personality and humor to the message.


Have some fun with it and while sometimes it can seem corny and over the top, all that really matters is whether the conversion rate goes up. A/B test with an assembly of A versions and a batch of B versions. Here are a couple examples to get the creative concepts curating:

“Gleam and glitter with glitzy gadgets!”

“Passionate pizzas and perfect pastas”

We have all clicked on online ads. Can you name three ads you have clicked on? Do you remember the creative and content? Most people do not, so you do not have to overthink the test, you can iterate quickly, keep what performs and optimize from there, and, have some fun with it!

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